War Stories

This is where you will find stories and anecdotes of a Military nature...they can be about school cadet forces up to and including active service. If you want to submit a story email it to benemydiningclub@yahoo.co.uk.

Former Headmaster was a War Hero!


Major William Hathaway Davis WES Headmaster from 1919-1928 had a history... ...more

Silly Clown Joke


Once told by Jim Corbett over 4 hours on the ferry the Ben-My-Chree en route to sunny and rat infested Jurby Camp on the IOM in about 1975 or 76. Don't know why he wasn't keelhauled. ...more

Douglas Pond's Millitary Cross Citation


Lt A D Pond (Captain Pond in the CCF), known to generations of WES pupils as 'Dougie' Pond won the MC with the Chindits in the War. He never spoke of it but his daughter Elizabeth has given permission for us to reproduce his MC citation here. Elizabeth would also like to hear of your memories of her father who sadly died in 1986. Send them to us at benemydiningclub@yahoo.co.uk and we'll pass them on. ...more

Jim Corbett's Paras RSM Story


What happened when a dirty and very green cadet crossed the RSM of the Parachute Regiment..... ...more

The Number 9 Pill Story.....


A brief account of the effects upon a 14 year old stomach of army food, scrumpy cider and a number 9 pill.... ...more

The All Time Top Ten Military Gourmet Delights Ever !


Remember, compo and smilies or even bacon burgers ? Here's the best selection of military cooking.... ...more